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Regular Service is Required to Ensure Your Broaching Operations are Trouble-Free

Remanufactured Table Up Broaching Machine

The health of your business depends on maintaining part quality and achieving required production quantities.
You can’t afford to ship bad parts or have a machine go down.

High-demand production machines, including broaching machines, require routine maintenance to ensure that your company achieves its’ production goals.

Let’s explore five signs you can look for to help determine when your broaching machine requires a check-up with our expert 20 Point Inspection.

5 Ways to Tell if Your Broaching Machine Needs a Check-Up

  1. Parts are out of Tolerance
  2. Machine Ram Drifts Down when Machine is Shut Down
  3. Oil Leaks on Floor or into Machine Base
  4. Machine Stalls or Runs Slowly
  5. Bad Part Finish

What To Expect From a BMS Service Contract

BMS provides industry leading Broaching Machine Service and Repair performed by experienced technicians that help to identify critical areas in need of repair and maintenance. Our in-field service technicians have decades of experience servicing broaching machines of all types. With a BMS service contract we can help you to ensure that your broaching machine continues to provide you with many more years of trouble free production.

During a Broaching Machine Inspection, you can expect the following:

  • A thorough inspection of the electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, lubrication, and coolant systems
  • A direct and honest assessment regarding the health of your broaching machine
  • A 15% discount on repairs parts, as required

Contact us today to learn how a BMS Service Contract can help your organization exceed its quality and production requirements with a properly serviced broaching machine from BMS.

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Meet The New Mini-Mate Broaching Machine

New Mini-Mate Broaching MachineThe Mini-Mate is is an electric drive vertical table-up internal broaching machine that is uniquely suited for the “cell” manufacturing process.  Let’s explore the advantages of the brand new Mini-Mate broaching machine:

Small Footprint

Requires approximately 50% less floor space than comparably sized hydraulic powered machines.

Better Part Finishes & Tool Life

Smooth cutting action yields better part finishes & tool life.

Less Maintenance

No hydraulic system to maintain.

Cost Savings

Save on purchase and disposal costs of hydraulic oil, and lower your electric bill.

Floor Level Loading

No pits or platforms required.

Automatic Broach Handling

Ergonomic operation of high output.

Easy Changeover

One touch programming for different tool lengths.

MiniMate Broaching Machine

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Broaching Tool Sharpening Services Available from BMS

Broach Sharpening ServicesBMS offers broach tool sharpening services for all types of broach tools:

  • Quick delivery time. Most internal broach tools can be sharpened and returned in one week. Sooner, if required!
  • Very competitive prices. Send a tool print and request a quote!
  • Welding and repair services available.
  • Tool validation/testing service available.
  • Tool engineering and consulting services available to help to optimize tool design.
  • Having trouble with tool life, part finish or burrs? We can help!
  • Design and build of new broach tools is also available. Send a part print for quotation.

Contact BMS today to learn how we can help your organization exceed your broach tool sharpening requirements.

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In Case You Missed Us at IMTS 2016

IMTS 2016 was a tremendous success for Broaching Machine Specialties last week in Chicago, IL.  In case you were not able to attend, or, did not have a chance to visit our booth, we would like to extend the special pricing only available at IMTS to you for our Dry Broaching Machines!

BMS at IMTS 2016

Dry Broaching Machine in action at IMTS

Dry Broaching Machine

Dry Broaching Machine at IMTS


Before You Visit Our Booth at IMTS 2016

Before you visit the BMS Booth at IMTS 2016 in the next few weeks take a moment to let us know if there are specific questions you have about broaching machines that we can answer, or, if there is information about a broaching machine you would like when you visit our booth.  See you at IMTS soon!

IMTS 2016 Contact

Contact Us With Your Broaching Machine Questions

Visit the BMS Booth at IMTS 2016 September 12-17

IMTS 2016The entire team at Broaching Machine Specialties is excited to be a part of IMTS 2016 this September in Chicago.

On display and under power will be an Ekin hard broaching machine capable of broaching parts up to 62 HRc. (Rockwell Hardness Scale). Representatives of Ekin will be in the BMS booth to discuss hard broaching, helical broaching and dry broaching technologies as well as rack rolling Ekin Hard Broaching Machinemachines and tooling.

BMS is launching a brand new display at IMTS including new booth graphics and company literature. In addition, BMS branded date wheels and thumb drives will be on hand for distribution to our booth visitors.

Find Our Booth Using the Interactive Floor Plan

If you plan on attending IMTS and visiting our booth let us know ahead of time by Contacting Us.


Custom Broaching Solutions for Firearms

World Class Broaching System Manufacturer offers Customized Broaching Solutions to satisfy your firearm broaching project!

Small Arms Broaching

Custom broaching solutions for small arms.

Broaching of Rifle BarrelTight tolerances, difficult part configurations, short lead times; does this situation sound all too familiar to you?  The current manufacturing environment is difficult to say the least. When you have a serious broaching issue you need a serious Broach System supplier with cost effective solutions.

Broaching Machine Specialties Co. (BMS) stands ready to partner with you to solve your most difficult broaching application.

BMS can serve your company in the following areas:

AR-15 Barrel Extension - Lower Mag

Contact Us for more information on our world class products and services. Or, call us toll free at 800 229-4666 to discuss your application with our expert engineering staff.

AR-15 Barrel Extension Broaching and Drilling

Learn how the broach machine experts at BMS extend AR-15 barrels with extension broaching and drilling machines.

AR-15 and AR-10 Manual Barrel Extension Broaching

See how the broaching experts at BMS manually broach barrel extensions for both the AR-15 and AR-10.

Observing Memorial Day

Memorial Day U.S. - 1

At 3:00 p.m. on Memorial Day (Monday, May 30th) the team at BMS requests that you pause for the National Moment of Remembrance to honor the fallen heroes of the U.S. Armed Forces who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

U.S. Military Veterans at BMS

BMS is proud of the U.S. Military Veterans on our team. They are:

Thank you for your service to our country.