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Spline Rolling Racks and Helical Broaching Tools

Broaching Machine Specialties is proud to offer the following new Ekin Broaching Machines and Tools throughout the United States and Canada.

Helical Broaching Machines and Helical Broach Tools

Helical Broaching Tools - 2Helical Broaching Tools - 1

Spline Rolling Machines and Spline Rolling Racks

Spline Rolling Rack - 1

Spline Rolling Rack - 2


Celebrating America’s Independence

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July from the entire team at Broaching Machine Specialties!

As you head out to a barbecue, picnic with fireworks, or family gathering take a moment to give thanks for the effort put forth by our fellow American’s that have helped to make this country great.

From the many sacrifices made on the battle field to the fierce loyalty shown in the boardroom for American companies, Independence Day has come to represent a very special occasion for all of America.

4th of July Customs and Observances

America has very unique ways of celebrating its Independence. Let’s explore some of the unique observances and customs for the 4th of July:

  • Singing of The Star-Spangled Banner.
  • Major fireworks displays in cities such as New York, Chicago, Boston, and St. Louis.
  • Independence Day Parades with the most notable occurring in Washington, D.C.
  • Decorations that include the hanging and display of the American Flag (link to how to treat American flags will be here).
  • Community block parties.
  • Picnics, barbecues, and family gatherings.
  • Volunteering.
  • Baseball (Go Tigers!)

Have a safe and happy 4th of July America!


Broaching Machine Service and Operator Manuals

Broaching Machine Service Manuals

Broaching Machine Specialties possess one of the largest inventories of broaching machine service and operator manuals in the world. The company archive consists of manuals for all types of broaching machines from every manufacturer dating back to the 1930’s.

Specific Components of a Broaching Machine Operator Manual

Important Areas of Broaching Machine Service ManualOperator manuals for broaching machines made by Lapointe, Footburt, Detroit, and more offer complete indices that provide valuable information regarding the important aspects of a broaching machine, such as:

  • Hydraulic circuit operation
  • Coolant specifications
  • Lubrication unit
  • Optional equipment
  • Specifications
  • Operator procedures
  • Electrical schematic diagrams
  • Hydraulic schematic diagrams

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Broaching Machine Parts and Repair Services

BMS has parts in stock and available for all types of broaching machines from any era. Combined with our expert field service, parts, and industry-leading repair knowledge, there isn’t a broaching machine that we can’t repair or provide parts for.

Broaching Machine Service Manual Maintenance List

Broaching Machine Repair, Maintenance, and Parts

There is a formula to successfully keep a Broaching Machine in a production and achieving tight tolerances. Proper maintenance, expert knowledge, and the right parts all factor into getting the most out of your broaching operations.

BMS provides a Broaching Machine Maintenance Program that helps your organization achieve the highest quality and most reliable broaching operations possible. Important aspects of the program include:

  • Mechanical Inspection and Maintenance [Learn More]
  • Electrical Inspection and Maintenance [Learn More]
  • Hydraulic Inspection and Maintenance [Learn More]
  • Coolant System Inspection and Maintenance [Learn More]

Regardless of whose name is on the machine, BMS has the experts on staff to help keep the machine running when you need it most.
Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization meet and exceed its goals of a more efficient production environment with a properly maintained and repaired broaching machine from BMS.

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Custom Broaching Solutions for Tough Challenges

Has your organization ever had to overcome any of these tough challenges?

…Tight Tolerances?
…Difficult Cutting Configurations?
…Short Lead Times?

Broaching Machine Specialties understands the quality and delivery demands placed on your organization and stands ready to help with high quality and affordable broaching solutions that include:

  • 7 standard lines of new broaching equipment
  • Special broaching systems for unique broaching applications
  • Used Broaching Machines From an Inventory of Over 400
  • Production Broaching Services
  • Broach Cutting Tools
  • Spare Parts for Nearly Any Broaching Machine Manufactured in the U.S. Since the 1940’s!
  • Expert in field service and repair
  • Oilgear Hydraulic Pumps in Stock

Learn more about how we can customize the right broaching solution for you by contacting us today.

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Types of Broaching Machines

New Broaching Machines

BMS builds 7 standard lines of new broaching machines including blind spline broaching machines. A few of the more popular machines built by Broaching Machine Specialties Company, Inc. to address specific applications include:

Electro-Mate Broaching Machine from BMS cell mate broaching machine Cruiser Broaching Machine
Electro-Mate Broaching Machine Cell-Mate Broaching Machine Cruiser Broaching Machine

View the Complete Line of Standard Model New Broaching Machines

Used and Remanufactured Broaching Machines

From Internal Pull-Down broaching machines to broach sharpeners, you won’t find a larger selection of used and remanufactured broaching machines anywhere than at BMS. What makes the equipment in our used machine inventory so unique is that the BMS services the used broaching machines it sells so that they are delivered to your organization as turnkey systems, ready for immediate operation. A sample of our current inventory includes:

Electro-Mate Broaching Machine from BMS cell mate broaching machine Cruiser Broaching Machine
Detroit | LaPointe | Colonial | National | U.S. Broach | Federal Internal Pull Down Broaching Machines Ty Mile | Astro | Cruiser  High Speed Broaching Machine LaPointe | Colonial | Walters Round  Broach Sharpeners

View the Complete Inventory of Used Broaching Machines

Maintenance for Broaching Machines

BMS can also provide expert professional maintenance and servicing of broaching machines. Consider our 20 Point Service and Maintenance Program that addresses critical areas that include:

  • The mechanical systems of your broaching machine with advisement of the existing machine wear and remaining life-cycle
  • Inspection of the electrical system, switches, and enclosures
  • Pressure testing and full inspection of the hydraulic system
  • Evaluation of the coolant system complete

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Proper Maintenance Makes For Reliable Broaching Machines

Is your organization seeking a more reliable broaching operation in 2015?

Electro-Mate Broaching Machine from BMSOne area to consider evaluating immediately is the maintenance. Although broaching machines can be relatively simple beasts, proper maintenance is critical to keeping them in operation and making quality parts. Properly maintaining a broaching machine offers the following key benefits:

  • Avoidance of catastrophic failures
  • Increased safety for machine operators
  • Increased machine reliability and durability
  • Better tool life
  • Improved part quality

Broaching Machine Maintenance

Broaching Machines manufactured or remanufactured by BMS are designed and built with the reliability and durability required by tight tolerance production environments. However, both new and remanufactured broaching machines still require regular maintenance to maintain consistent performance and reliable operation.

To that end, Broaching Machine Specialties offers a 20 Point Broaching Machine Service and Maintenance Program performed by experienced expert technicians that helps you to achieve the highest quality and most reliable broaching operation possible. Elements of the BMS 20 Point Broaching Machine Service Program include:

  • Mechanical Inspection and Maintenance [Learn More]
  • Electrical Inspection and Maintenance [Learn More]
  • Hydraulic Inspection and Maintenance [Learn More]
  • Coolant System Inspection and Maintenance [Learn More]

The Service Advantage from Broaching Machine Specialties

BMS is THE industry leader in the rebuilding, servicing and tooling of broaching machines built by any manufacturer. Regardless of whose name is on the machine, BMS has expert service personnel to keep the machine running when you need it most.
Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization meet and exceed its goals of a more efficient production environment with a properly maintained broaching machine from BMS.

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BMS In The Community

The Friendship Circle One important aspect of the BMS corporate mission is to be supportive and active members in the local community. Since 2005, BMS has been a proud corporate sponsor of the Friendship Circle Annual Walk Fundraiser called ‘Walk4Friendship’.

Aside from being an experience that builds stronger bonds between family members, the annual 5K Walk4Friendship has offered the team at Broaching Machine Specialties the opportunity to engage in helping to develop the well-being of young people in the local community.

Matt Egrin, President of BMS, personally participates in the Annual Walk Fundraiser and believes that by doing so it helps to show strong, positive support for a high-impact community organization like Friendship Circle.

About Friendship Circle

In 1994, Friendship Circle is founded with eight volunteers meeting four families in their homes every week with a mission to provide every child with special needs the support friendship and inclusion that they deserve.

Now, Friendship Circle offers more than 25 different programs for children and teens throughout the year that focus on personal development and growth.

For more information about the organization, local events, and its overall mission, please visit FriendshipCircle.org.

Friendship Circle 2

Resource for Finding an Organization

One challenge that a business may face is finding the right organization with the values that match its corporate mission.

Consider utilizing a free website such as www.GreatNonProfits.org. The website allows you to search by geographic location, topic, and it also shows reviews of non-profit organizations.

A More Fulfilling Future

As 2014 draws to a close and you begin your preparations and planning for 2015, consider incorporating time and effort into next year’s calendar with a local organization that could really use your assistance.

You may find that the impact of your time and resources far and away exceeds your highest expectations. It certainly has for the team at BMS.

We’ve Broached It

Broaching machines made by BMS have produced millions of parts during their lifetimes.

Custom parts made from Broaching Machines

For example, in the Automotive Industry, our broaching machines have created: Anchor Brackets, Brake Calipers, Steering Knuckles, Side Gears, Headrests armatures, and Collapsible steering wheel shafts.

Parts made from Broaching Machines

We have also created parts that serve universal applications such as: Oilfield couplers, Combine augers, Pump impellers, Carabiners, and Box end wrenches.

When a versatile machine is needed for challenging broaching applications, turn to the experts at BMS.

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Meet The Cruiser Broaching Machine

Cruiser Broaching MachineFor high-volume, surface broaching applications with tight tolerances performed in unyielding production environments you need the Cruiser Broaching Machine.

The Cruiser is a high-speed surface broaching machine with cutting speeds up to 120 FPM. Tooled with a Shuttle Table or Tilt Table, the Cruiser is ergonomically designed and constructed with a sturdy cast iron frame for increased durability.

When your surface broaching application demands the most durable and reliable machine in the business, turn to the Cruiser and the broaching machine experts at BMS.

Did You Know?

BMS has the ability to trouble-shoot broaching machine problems that the OEM’s do not even have knowledge of? Learn more.

Recap of International Manufacturing Trade Show 2014

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, IL was very well attended this year with over 2,000 exhibitors and 115,000 visitors in attendance.

The BMS booth displayed both the Elecro-Mate broaching machine and Dyna-Mate broaching machine in live action.  Our goals by having these machines in our booth were to be able to display our broaching capabilities, and, to show guests broaching machines that are able to consistently perform under the demands of 24 X 7 production environments.

BMS Highlights of IMTS


The Electro-Mate and Dyna-Mate on display at IMTS.

Live Demos by CEO and Founder Lee Egrin

Lee Egrin Helps Broaching Customerse

BMS CEO and Founder Lee Egrin demonstrates the Electro-Mate.

Quality Parts Made by Our Key-Mate Broaching Machine

Parts made by Key-Mate Broaching Machine

Quality parts made by our Key-Mate broaching machine.


Key-Mate featured broaching parts.

Parts from our featured machine at IMTS the Key-Mate.

We’ll See You Next Year!

BMS at IMTS Chicago 2014

Thanks IMTS! We’ll see you next year.

If we can assist your organization with its broaching application, we encourage you to contact us for a complimentary broaching machine quote.

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