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The New BMS Dual-Drive Accomplishes The Three ‘Rs’ of Broaching

Friday, April 27th, 2018

Dual Drive ElectromateBroaching Machine Specialties Company offers best-in-class broaching machines and our new Dual-Drive Broaching Machine accomplishes what we call the three ‘R’s’ of broaching.  They are:

The Right Machine

  • Table-Up (No pits or platforms required)
  • Small Footprint that is Cell Friendly
  • Quick Delivery

With the Right Technology

  • Electric Drive (No Hydraulics)
  • Variable Speed and Stroke at the Touch of a Button
  • Saves Energy and Lowers Operating Costs

From the Right Company

  • American Made and American Owned
  • Building Electric Drive Machines for over 20 Years
  • Unparalleled Service and Support

If your company is in need of high-quality broaching machines that have the durability to excel in the most demanding production environments, then contact BMS today for a complimentary quote!

Meet The New Mini-Mate Broaching Machine

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

New Mini-Mate Broaching MachineThe Mini-Mate is is an electric drive vertical table-up internal broaching machine that is uniquely suited for the “cell” manufacturing process.  Let’s explore the advantages of the brand new Mini-Mate broaching machine:

Small Footprint

Requires approximately 50% less floor space than comparably sized hydraulic powered machines.

Better Part Finishes & Tool Life

Smooth cutting action yields better part finishes & tool life.

Less Maintenance

No hydraulic system to maintain.

Cost Savings

Save on purchase and disposal costs of hydraulic oil, and lower your electric bill.

Floor Level Loading

No pits or platforms required.

Automatic Broach Handling

Ergonomic operation of high output.

Easy Changeover

One touch programming for different tool lengths.

MiniMate Broaching Machine

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