Chuck Good

Manufacturing Team Leader

BMS Team Member Since: 2007
In Broaching Industry Since: 1973

Chuck joined BMS in 2007 after 30 years with American Broach. In his years at American, Chuck served both as the Plant Manager and as the chief machine builder and contributed to the design development of many machine and tooling systems produced there. In his years with American, Chuck participated in the construction, tool up and runoff of over 200 broaching machines and broach sharpeners and he has put that wealth of experience to work here at BMS.

Chuck is crossed trained in mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems, which serves BMS well when he is called on to install or service machines in the field. This wide breadth of technical abilities makes him a natural leader of the BMS manufacturing team. Furthermore, his particular knowledge of machines built by American Broach has been a valuable asset to BMS when rebuilding or servicing American Broach machines.

Chuck brings to BMS the excellent reputation he has built throughout the industry and worldwide. His attention to detail and exceptional problem solving abilities, give Chuck the ability to effectively troubleshoot and perfect the most challenging of tooling designs. His lengthy experience in broaching give him the unique ability to visualize the pros and cons of a design and thus head off any unnecessary costs or lost build time, while assuring all customers’ specifications have been met.

We are very fortunate to have him a part of the BMS team.