Lance Ertman

Manufacturing Manager

BMS Team Member Since: 1988
In Broaching Industry Since: 1973

In his tenure with BMS, Mr. Ertman has either personally serviced or supervised the rebuilding, servicing and tool up of nearly every type of broaching machine, from every manufacturer, built in the US, since the 1940’s. His hands on experience and breadth of knowledge of broaching machines, is second to none.

Lance learned the hydraulic trade while earning the rank of E-5 in the US Air Force as a hydraulic technician, where he served our country proudly in Vietnam. Today his ability to diagnose and troubleshoot broaching machine hydraulic systems is superior. Of particular note is his knowledge of Oilgear pumps and hydraulic systems. Lance is often able to diagnose and fix problems with these systems over the phone which minimizes machine downtime and helps BMS’s customers realize great cost savings if service technicians don’t have to be dispatched.

However, Lance’s abilities to troubleshoot broaching machines, is not limited to hydraulic systems. His intimate knowledge of broaching machine mechanical systems gives him the ability to repair vintage machines that the OEMs of those machines are often unable to repair themselves. If spare parts are needed, Lance is able to identify and locate the parts from BMS’s inventory in order to keep our customers machines up and running, regardless of whether these parts are still available from the OEM’s.

Lance’s vast experience with broaching machines, built by all manufacturers, and their strengths and weaknesses, has been an invaluable asset to the design of BMS broaching machines and systems which has resulted in BMS building one of the most durable broaching machines available in the world today.