John Mellert

Machine Builder/Field Service Tech

BMS Team Member Since: 2023
In Broaching Industry Since: 2019
In Machine Tool Industry Since: 2011

John started his formal mechanical training in high school while participating in a vocational training program where he learned auto body repair and metal fabrication. Later he continued his training at Jackson Community College where he also earned a Class A CDL.

He started his career as an Auto Repair Technician and spent 3 years working on all types of cars, industrial equipment, and heavy trucks, while earning his Journeyman certification, before leaving the field to join the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC). At the IUEC he expanded his building trades expertise learning hydraulics, pipe fitting, rigging, structural design and electrical programming. John worked on elevators for 10 years before leaving the field to utilize his CDL license.

Prior to joining BMS, John spent 5 years at one of our competitors, where he learned about the design, construction, and servicing of all types of hydraulic and electromechanical drive broaching machines.
John’s Journeyman certification as a Machine Tool Builder and technician allows him to work, hands-on, on all types of machinery in UAW plants across the USA.

With a love and passion for all things mechanical, John spends much of his spare time rebuilding all types of mechanical equipment and machinery as well as 3D Printing, repairing PCs and woodworking.
John’s experience with broaching machinery and all things mechanical, plus his knowledge of electrical systems, make him an efficient troubleshooter and excellent field service technician. He is a valuable and appreciated asset on the BMS team.