Service and Maintenance Program

The manufacturing environment has never been more competitive.

You can’t afford to lose production time due to having a broaching machine out of service or not operating to its full capacity.

Maintenance keeps your broaching operations on line and assures uninterrupted shipments to your customers.

20-Point Service Maintenance and Inspection Program


  1. Inspect main slide (and handler slide, if applicable) for fit.
    • If your machine has provisions for adjustment, we will adjust it to achieve best fit (if practical).
    • If your machine has no provisions for adjustment we will advise of condition and make recommendations.
  2. Inspect ways for wear and advise.
  3. Inspect fit of table and table ways (if applicable) and advise.
  4. Inspect durable and perishable tooling and advise.
  5. Inspect effectiveness of chip wash in critical areas and repair or advise.


  1. Inspect limit switches for condition and proper function.
  2. Inspect condition of electrical enclosure and junction boxes.


  1. Inspect lube system for condition and proper function.
  2. Inspect filter elements and advise of condition.
  3. Pressure test machine and change settings as required.
  4. Check fluid levels and reservoir temperature and advise.
  5. Repair hydraulic leaks, where possible and advise of others.
  6. Inspect hydraulic cylinder rod(s) and cylinder seals and advise.
  7. Inspect hydraulic hoses, and lube lines and repair or advise as applicable.
  8. Hydraulic oil analysis available at additonal cost.

Coolant System

  1. Check coolant concentration (if water soluble) and advise.
  2. Check coolant output for sufficient delivery and repair or advise.
  3. Repair coolant leaks (as practical).
  4. Check coolant pump for proper function.
  5. Inspect coolant filtration system or strainer for proper function and advise of condition.

Let BMS help ensure you hit your production requirements with our expert 20-point service maintenance and inspection program.