Mike Lyons

Mike Lyons

Tool Setter/Machine Operator/Mechanical Technician

BMS Team Member Since: 2021

Mike started his tenure at BMS thru a temporary employment agency. After seeing his work ethic and his positive attitude, we knew he was a great fit and that he would have a long future as part of the BMS team. After spending several months working with us as a temp worker, Mike officially joined BMS in 2021.

Since joining the team, Mike has worked his way thru the ranks; from general laborer, machine cleaner and machine teardown specialist, to becoming the primary set-up person for our contract production broaching machines as well as the primary machine operator and quality inspector.

Mike is always willing to lend a hand to any of our departments that are in need and is always willing to learn new skills. His future at the company includes evolving into a machine builder and assisting the mechanical team on field service calls.

Mike’s infectious smile and kind demeanor endear him to everyone he comes in contact with at the company, including his co-workers and the company management.