Rick DeNoyer

Rick DeNoyer

Mechanical Designer

BMS Team Member Since: 2022

Certificates: C.A.D., G.D.&T., Solid Modeling and Blueprint Reading.
D.A.J.T.C. / Lawrence Tech Center

Rick is a highly skilled draftsman and has been designing machinery for the better part of 3 decades. He has a unique ability to compartmentalize, which allows him to efficiently take on multiple projects simultaneously.

Rick has served in many positions in manufacturing including Design Engineer, Detailer and Project Manager. He has also served as a Quality Systems Internal Auditor.

For the first 15 years of his career in manufacturing, Rick worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer for a Tier 1 supplier of special engine assembly machines and transfer equipment. It was there that he learned how to design heavy machinery that would run for decades with minimal downtime. During this time, he received several certifications related to machine design, including F.M.E.A. (Failure Mode Effects Analysis), P.F.M.E.A. (Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis), R&M (Reliability & Maintainability), and Blocksim Weibull Analysis amongst others.

In 2011, Rick was hired as a Project Engineer at a broaching machine manufacturer where he would spend the next 12 years learning everything he could about broaching machines and their design. Since joining the broaching industry, he has contributed his design expertise to well over (100) broaching projects.

Utilizing his 3D modeling skills, Rick has designed fixtures for hundreds of different part types, ranging from the smallest “thimble” size parts to tank and cannon components for companies all over the world.

BMS is fortunate to have Rick on the team!