Why Choose a Vertical Over a Horizontal Broaching Machine?

Horizontal broaching machines may be old technology, but they still have their place.  BMS recommends that you choose a horizontal broaching machine if your broaching operations fall into any of the following scenarios:

  • Your production quantities are low and you will have to change the tooling often
  • You want to operate the machine at floor level, no pits or operator stands
  • Your capital equipment budget is tight
  • Your building has a low ceiling height
  • You want to use existing broach tooling that was used in a horizontal broaching machine

Vertical machines are available in both table-up and pull-down styles.  Table-up machines are the latest technology and do not require pits or operator stands, while pull-down machines do.  We recommend Vertical broaching machines if:

  • You want the latest technology
  • Your parts have tight tolerances
  • You have higher production quantities that do not require regular tool change
  • You need to broach more than 1-part at a time to achieve your required production quantities
  • You have limited floor space


Contact BMS today to find out what type of broaching machine we recommend for your particular broaching requirements!