BMS Employee

James Cameron

Lead Mechanical Designer

BMS Team Member Since: 1989
Certificates received: Schoolcraft College, Associate Degree in Tool Design

Jim has been with BMS since 1989 and is the most tenured member of the BMS design team. He is a highly skilled draftsmen that design the most durable and maintenance friendly broaching machines and tooling systems in the world.

Jim’s ability to produce innovative engineering solutions began prior to joining BMS when he was designing boring bars with indexable inserts. His “outside of the box” thinking lead to a boring bar design that allowed the user to produce multi diameter holes with chamfers and counter bores using the same tool.

When designing BMS machines and tooling systems, Jim draws from both his years of broaching experience as well as his ability to find new and creative solutions to problems. His experience and talent have given BMS the ability to engineer and build numerous special machines for unique applications. In some cases, Jim’s “outside of the box” thinking has allowed parts to be broached in a single machine that would otherwise have taken 2 or 3 machines to finish.