Raja Sabnis

Engineering Manager

BMS Team Member Since: 1994
Education: B.E., M.S. Mechanical Engineering

Raja is a highly skilled designer who has contributed to designing the most durable and maintenance friendly broaching machines and tooling systems in the world. Utilizing his academic background and his vast experience with broaching systems, Raja, helps to ensure that durability and quality are designed into each and every broaching machine that BMS builds. A good example of this is the approach he has used when developing our many electromechanically driven machines. Working with various component manufacturers and building on the vast broaching expertise of his coworkers, he has taken pains to fully analyze the latest available technology for motion control which has resulted in one of the largest selections of electromechanically broaching machines available in the industry.

Rajas,’ academic background serves him well in anything he designs. His mathematical background imparts him with a comprehensive understanding of part and machine tolerances as well as material strengths and failure limits. He effectively uses “Finite Element Analysis” and other engineering tools when considering fixture and machine designs.

Raja also serves as BMS’s chief quality inspector. He has taken it upon himself to become thoroughly familiar with all types of inspection equipment including optical comparators and CMMs. A part machined with highest precision is only as good as it can be measured. Raja’s metrology skills and knowledge of process capability study has been a great asset to BMS over the years.