Matt Egrin - Broaching Specialist

Matt Egrin


BMS Team Member Since: 1991
In Broaching Industry Since: Birth!

With stints working in the office and shop as a youth, doing everything from sending out mailings to sorting and cleaning bolts and screws, Matt grew up in the broaching business. He is the third generation of Egrin at the helm of BMS.

After graduating from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Matt chose to defer his acceptance to law school at Wayne State University and give the machine tool business a try. His tenure started on the manufacturing floor where he learned, hands-on, about broaching machines and broach tooling. After about a year in the plant culminating with being the lead machine builder in the rebuilding and tooling of a used machine, Matt moved into the front office to learn the sales side of the business.

After about 6 months of cold calls, Matt finally landed his first sale, the reconditioning and tooling of two horizontal broaching machines. In the time since that first sale, Matt has become well versed in all types of broaching applications and is particularly good at troubleshooting part quality and machine issues.

Matt became company President and General Manager in 2003 and has guided the company thru its lean manufacturing transformation and implemented the “On Time, On Budget, On Objectives” program management system that has been a major contributor to the company’s evolution and growth.